3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink Lashes

from 14.99

All our lashes are re-useable. Please follow your care instructions to preserve the integrity of the lashes. Please see below for details on all lash styles.

Lash Style:

Natural: Made for the girl who enjoys the simple things of life. Our natural styles are light and fluffy. They’re so natural, you’ll forget you even have them on!

  • Rozay - Beautiful, feathered lash that fits your everyday lifestyle.

  • Kuba - The fluffiest, natural lash. Perfect middle ground between glam and everyday wear.

  • GiGi - For the girl with long lashes, who wants the added volume of natural lashes.

Glam: Made for the girl who loves to get super girly and pamper herself on occasion. She loves her natural look, but is not afraid to reach for her glam.

  • Queen Ju - Not too much, not too little. Perfect for the girl who doesn’t wear lashes much; but once she does, she keeps it glam!

  • Glam Star - Why hold back when you can go glam? #glamornothing

  • Beena - Reserved meets glam. This is for the girl who typically loves to keep it natural; but when she gets a hold of lashes, she’ll graciously glam all over you!

Bold: Made for the girl who likes to make a statement.

  • Violet - For the girl who is not afraid of new lengths.

  • Rahel - Bold and classy. They’ll look twice and look again.

  • Corlisse - All we can say is: Sis did not come to play!!

Holiday: This is our Limited Edition Holiday Lash.

  • Oh Hayy - For confident girl who feels unstoppable in her makeup!

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