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Introducing the Drawstring Ponytail

Simplify the infamous ponytail hairstyle with a new drawstring unit. Now, you can achieve the most natural, versatile, and elegant styles for all your occasions!

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Hair Extensions to the Next Level

How did you get your hair so luscious? That’s the question that inspired our Hair Collection, which features naturally textured tresses reminiscent of one’s own hair. Women should have the added confidence to couple their hair care journey. So we designed our extensions to make every strand look and feel as if it is coming out of your scalp.


Hair Bundles

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Luscious Bundles

Treat yourself to the most luscious hair extensions ever. This collection features your go-to virgin hair textures; but even more soft, natural, and durable. We figured if you’re going to make an investment, it should be worth it! 


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The Most Naturally Textured Clip-Ins


Get the voluptuous look you’ve always wanted with your natural hair. Our clip-in extensions allows you to easily transform your hair into a full and versatile look for any occasion.


Glue-less lace front wigs

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Versatile Hair Styling Options

Versatility in hair styling should be embraced. That is why we offer you options with our wigs. We want you to experiment alongside your hair care journey. No style is off-limits here. As long as you feel confident, we are happy! So have some fun with this collection.

 3d mink lashes

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CB Lash Galore

Natural, Glam, Bold. Three categories of lash styles, uniquely crafted with you in mind. There’s a style for every woman!


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Make a Statement

Our signature accessories are inspired by the rich culture of the continent of Africa. The textures and fabrics are precisely selected for each item. Our new statement necklaces ‘Ohemaa’ and ‘Obaapa’ are designed to bring out the Queen in you. Take your pick, you'll look amazing in them!