Hello Queen,

We see your need to occasionally pamper yourself with the finest things; and your hair is not off-limits. That is why Crowned Belles is your one stop for quality textured virgin hair extensions and protective styling alternatives.

Crowned Belles is an expression of our passion for hair and women empowerment. This brand is a platform that empowers women to be confident in their daily pursuits, while taking time to pamper themselves as they deserve.

As women ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with balancing our daily responsibilities and caring for ourselves. That is why Crowned Belles is not only about hair; but it is a part of your lifestyle. We encourage you to take time to discover and pamper your inner Belle.

With frequent posts and tutorials on our social media platforms, we will help you take your personal care to the next level, starting with your crown!

Always at your service and with love,

Crowned Belles™, Owner